Letter Lockers XL Vertical Wall Mount


The XL Vertical Wall Mount Letter Locker® is built with the same overall design as our Vertical Wall Mount model, but on a larger scale.  The dimensions are 25 1⁄4″ high, by 15 1⁄4″ wide and 12 1⁄2″ deep at top and 12 1⁄2″ at bottom of box.

Built to accommodate businesses that receive larger quantities of mail, the XL Wall Mount can be mounted on a wall or on a post. Constructed of sturdy steel, this model includes a rotating hopper door for incoming mail. The outgoing mail pocket is housed on the inside of the magnetic door and holds business- sized envelopes. U.S.P.S approval is recommended prior to purchase of this product.

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Installations for our current service area when feasible can save on direct shipping costs to customer for in stock items with purchase of Box & Post. Ask about an Installation.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Constructed of 14 gauge steel (Galvanneal)
  • Holds approximately 2-3 days of mail
  • 13-1/2′′W x 2-1/2′′H x 4-1/2′′D Outgoing Mail Tray
  • 14′′W x 5′′H slot for Incoming Mail

Level 1 Security:

  • 5-pin cam lock and stainless steel “hook” cam
  • Retrieval door in front of box
  • Weather resistant powder coat finish
  • Conditional Lifetime Warranty

Optional Features:

  • Also available in Aluminumor Stainless Steel
  • Four lock options available: Upgrade to the Claw Locking Mechanism
  • Close off outgoing mail pocket access
  • Rear recipient access
  • Notification flag (red or black)
  • Can be mounted on a post sold separately


  • Add Level 4 Claw Lock:$125.00

LEVEL 4 Lock with Claw Locking Mechanism

  • The Level 4 lock upgrade is the ultimate in security. No other mailbox on the market offers this level of protection!
  • The Level 4 Lock includes our patented 5-point locking mechanism, the Claw Lock, but is also partnered with a high security Medeco deadbolt. The mechanism is made entirely of 10 gauge stainless steel. This lock includes 2 keys, duplicates are available.
  • The Level 4 Lock can be added to any mailbox (excluding Rural boxes). This lock must be purchased with the mailbox so proper installation can be made during fabrication.

When the key is turned, the 11 gauge stainless steel cam (latch) pushes up on a lift plate rotating FOUR stainless steel “CLAWS” into the door bracket receiver.
The “Claw” Locking Mechanism adds four additional points of security to the lock! No other mailbox on the market has this capability or level of security in its lock.
The “Claw” Lock can be added to mailboxes (excluding Rural boxes).