Digital Parcel Lockers by Package Concierge®


Automated Package Management Solution

The modular design of the Package Concierge® Express Locker Series easily allows the kiosk module to be used as a standalone system, or grouped with other modules to build a larger solution. When combined with additional locker compartment modules, the Express line provides an efficient, lower cost system option for communities of any size. Installation of these completely contained modules can be wall or floor-mounted and the built-in leveling feet make it quick and easy to place.

Using durable powder coating methods which do not contain VOCs, Package Concierge® products resist weather deterioration; thereby reducing the need for regular replacement. These quality products not only protect resources, but reduce costs due to their extensive product life. If however, they have come to the end of their long.


  • Provides 24/7 user access to retrieve contents
  • Double-column locker modules with six (6) compartment sizes
  • Leveling feet for ease of installation
  • Dry Cleaning locker modules with two (2) compartment sizes and clothes hanger mechanisms also available

  • Data rich reports, delivery history and security information through an intuitive dashboard

  • Customizable installation options such as Linear, U-shape, L-shape, and split system configuration


  • Compact 7″x5″ color touch screen with barcode scanner and still camera
  • Parcel Module Controller (PMC) with uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

  • Ethernet port for communications with remote management system

  • Proprietary Latching System

  • All steel construction available in three (3) durable powder coat finishes or with custom color and/or wrap

  • Uses 120V A/C, 15 amp circuit

  • Maintenance access to all compartments from master compartment

Accessibility Considerations

The Package Concierge® system was designed with accessibility considerations in mind. Below is a brief summary and drawing representation of how the hardware and software elements of the Package Concierge® system ensures it meets the requirements of the Fair Housing Act.

  • High reach range requirements are met using the Package Concierge® software management system which restricts package delivery at or below 48” for residents indicating accommodation needs in their customer profile
  • Minimum reach range of 15” from finished floor (FFF) is physically designed into locker hardware
  • Resident/customer interactive (operable) touch points on kiosk touchscreen designed to be at or below 48” FFF*
  • Systems can be configured where more than 50% of locker compartments in various sizes range from 15”- 48” FFF
  • In collaboration with the management office, Package Concierge® ensures all residents are on-boarded in the initial installation and commissioning of a new community so every resident has the opportunity to use the system

Available Colors

Our Express Series is available in these three architectural powder coat color finishes.

Color swatches shown are for reference only and may vary slightly from the finished product.  Textures will be organic in nature.










By working closely with our customers, we have developed solutions for every market.





Designed to easily integrate with your systems

Utilizing our 25+ years experience, we’ve designed our software to provide you with a means to easily integrate, monitor, track, and report on all transactions.

Our industry unique mobile app enables you to reset pins, push notifications, monitor package activity and more, right from the palm of your hand!

The intuitive management portal provides plenty of reporting and tracking options; all supported by 24/7 customer service.

Our product experts stand ready to assist you in selecting the right configuration for your setting, facilitating your installation, and helping you integrate this automated package management solution into your system operation.