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For Homeowners Associations (HOA’s), Property Managers, Developers & More!

Looking for a fast and reliable source for your subdivision development? Or need to replace your Outdated, Damaged or Vandalized Cluster Mailbox Units? Maybe you are searching for a trusted local company to help you navigate USPS guidelines. Or looking for help shopping, purchasing and installing the correct size and right priced commercial mailboxes for your project?

Our helpful staff is happy to provide guidance in mailbox selection if you’d like help choosing which ones are best for you.  Plus, we have been working with the local Post Office since 1992, so we can orchestrate & coordinate the entire project for you while keeping your delivery service up and running with a minimum downtime instead of waiting up to weeks at a time for the minutia to be resolved before the restart of your mail service.

It is now becoming common for the USPS to also shut down locations for service due to the older mailboxes that fail in their security and safe usability of the client and postal carrier. Don’t wait for this to happen! This can be a month-long process without delivery service before finding your choice of qualified companies including ordering time and application of installation of your new mail system.

Commercial mailboxes have traditionally been used in office buildings, multi-family housing and for industrial use.  However, they are now becoming increasingly popular and utilized by Home Owners Associations “HOA” in residential developments, condominium, townhouse, and apartment communities and more as centralized delivery becomes the norm with use of much needed parcel boxes now required by USPS. There are three primary categories for commercial mailboxes, which include Cluster Box Units (CBU’s), 4C-4B, and Outdoor Parcel Lockers.

Cluster Box Units

What is a Cluster Box Unit?

A cluster box unit (CBU) is a free-standing, pedestal mailbox with 8, 12, 13, or 16 individually locked mailbox compartments and up to 2 integrated parcel lockers.

4C - 4B

What is a 4C - 4B Mailbox?

In 2006 the Standard−4C Regulation went into effect, which stipulates any post mounted or wall mount commercial mailboxes that are installed as part of a major renovation or new construction, must meet the Standard 4C requirements for security and accessibility.

Parcel Lockers

What are Outdoor Parcel Lockers?

This industry unique package delivery system with key trapping locks can be used alone or with CBU installation to accommodate USPS-delivered packages in a secure locker and off Doorsteps secured.

We Provide Commercial Mailbox Installation & Repair Services

Put our experienced staff to work on installing your commercial mailboxes after you purchase them! You’ll get efficient service and installation on all of our products. Make getting a new mail system easier on yourself and let our staff take care of it all. Mailbox Connection also repairs damaged or vandalized existing Cluster Mailbox Units (CBU’s) and their pedestals. 

We know that you probably are going to have questions, and we are here to help.  Please give us a call at in Oregon 503-359-5589 or in Washington 253-987-6853 or email us to request a free quote so we can discuss your options for CBU mailbox installation.

Below are several photos from Cluster Box Units project that we have installed recently, along with a couple recent testimonials from satisfied clients.


Recent Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

“I would recommend this company to everyone in the market for mailboxes. I run a 300-unit Condominium community and needed one of our multi boxes replaced due to a break in, the response was second to none in timing, price and quality. I then decided to replace all of our mailboxes on the property and once again I called Darin and he had me a bid and a detailed plan to make the transition seamless. Replacing all our boxes and adding multiple package lockers seemed effortless due to his knowledge of his trade’s timelines and connections with the post office. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this company, thank you guys for going above and beyond.”

Luke Smith

Senior Facilities Manager

Cascade Summit Condominiums

“As facility managers, it is our job to be good stewards to our tenants. However, there are quite a few circumstances that are out of the facility manager’s control, such as vandalism. One of our projects had not one, but two large cluster mailboxes destroyed by vandalism. This created a large burden for our tenants who had to travel to the local post office daily to retrieve their mail. I contacted the Mailbox Connection and within a few days, we had the new mailboxes installed at our property. To say the Mailbox Connection was awesome to work with would be an understatement. Darin and his team disposed of the vandalized mailboxes, installed the two new boxes perfectly, handled all the coordination with the local post office, and ultimately treated our problem with the same urgency we felt. Simply put, the Mailbox Connection is incredible! A big thanks to Darin and his team for providing wonderful service to not just Pacific NW Properties but to our valued tenants!

Again, thank you for all your help! I truly appreciate it!”

Caitlin McCann

Facility Management & Marketing

Pacific NW Properties