Fort Knox Mailboxes

Why Choose A Fort Knox Mailbox?

If you are visiting this page on our website, it probably means that you are looking for a high quality, secure locking mailbox.  Maybe you have become a victim of either stolen mail, stolen identity, you are tired of replacing your bashed mailbox or you don’t want to have any of these problems and want to keep it that way.

So why is a Fort Knox Mailbox® the answer to your mailbox problems?  We don’t like to talk bad about other companies and their products, so it will be up to you to find out why we are the “Worlds Greatest locking mailbox” available.  This website is set up to show you why we can solve all of your mail theft and vandalism troubles.

    Since you are here, we will list just a few quick benefits. The rest will be answered throughout the website.

(Words below are links throughout the site.)

      1. Security – It is what we are all about!
      2. Small – A small family company able to do great things!
      3. Durability – Can take a beating!
      4. Quality – Not your average locking mailbox and NOT a “cookie cutter” product!
      5. Strength – Everything we make is made to last!
      6. Custom – Every customer has a specific need!
      7. Availability – We can quickly make what you want if we don’t already have it!
      8. Compassion – Taking great pride in providing customers with peace of mind!
      9. Investment – Protect your mail & identity by investing in a secure locking mailbox.
      10. Gratitude – Always thankful for our customers as they are our biggest sellers!

Everyone has their own individual needs, and that is why Fort Knox builds several mailbox styles with options to choose from. Click on the pictures below to see full descriptions and options for each of our high security mailboxes.  You can also go straight to purchasing the mailbox that works best for you by clicking on the buy it now button.