About Outdoor Parcel Lockers

This industry unique package delivery system with key trapping locks can be used alone or with CBU installation to accommodate USPS-delivered packages in a secure locker and off Doorsteps secured.

To Accommodate increasing package delivery by adding matching Outdoor Parcel Lockers (OPL) with 2 or 4 parcel compartments or create a standalone package center.

The USPS has mandated that additional Parcel package boxes be provided, and, in some circumstances, your local Postmaster will require additional ratios based on package amount deliveries.

5:1. Ratio: This change is necessary to accommodate an increase in package volume. While the Postal Service has made these changes to the POM-Postal Operations Manual-section 632.622a in July 2020 your local Postmaster will have the final say if requiring more than the 5:1 ratio.